We are Selfhood

Selfhood grew out of the male streetwear brand Revolution. Based on years’ worth of knowledge gained from producing sustainable male outerwear, we felt it was about time to provide the same quality of outerwear to the women. Selfhood takes away the durability and long-lasting design aesthetic from Revolution and translates it into strong womens outerwear.

Since 2016 we have searched the territory for our perfect spot in the market. What do we want to offer and to whom? We have transitioned to be a conscious outerwearbrand offering the staple, nordic design aesthetics with a little kick of the print- and color love you all know from Revolution. Conscious not only in production, but because we offer the styles you can keep and wear for years to come. The most conscious choice you can make - care for your clothes for many years.

Based on a slow fashion principle we produce conscious outerwear for the style-savvy consumer. We focus solely on outerwear, meaning we are experts when it comes to creating durable outerwear, with attention to functionality in use. We are not afraid to repeat styles, as we trust our designs to be strong enough to last through erratic design trends. But we like to explore and push the limits, so each collection will be a further and improved version of our previous collection.

Selfhood is an expression of simple sophistication with an element of surprising detail. The style consists of feminine shapes mixed with a more pragmatic and edgy cut borrowed from menswear. We achieve simple sophistication with timeless design, and a nerdy attention to detail. Always while considering practicality in use. In our enabling endeavor, we design outerwear for the individual, creating styles that will seamlessly adapt to your personal style. This is what we call Studio of Individualism.

Our collections will include


The perfect staple designs that goes with everything and lasts for years. They might get minor upgrades and we will add new colors each season, but these styles will be recognisable for several seasons.

New styles

We love to explore! These jackets are new add ons to our collection. Not as bold in colors as the trend styles, but still catching season trends.

Trend pieces

Bold styles that makes you stand out! Either with eyecathing prints or colors.